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An estimated 1 Trillion plastic shopping bags are used and disposed every year. Carrying and using reusable bags day to day is one of the simplest means to reduce human impact on the planet. Change Climate is pleased to accept donations for any of our current projects, our "Donate Now" page allows you to dictate where your funds are allocated. Our website and news releases allow you to track the projects progress and how we are performing on the task, view the funding recieved from our awesome supporters and view Change Climate's own reinvestment in its projects.


Help reduce the destruction of our planet and slow the effects of climate change by making a tax deductable donation to Change Climate. 100% of our donations and support funds will be re-invested in scientific research and construction of facilities to bring further Change Climate products to fruition.   


Change Climate have policies based on full accounting transperancy. We are proud to show how and where our funds are utilised, and share the progress of our innovations as we turn great ideas into awesome outcomes for our planet and our people. Further detail on our environmental economic ethos and policies are available through the Home Page. 


We appreciate your support, lets Change Climate together. 

Change Climate Hemp Bag

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