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Supporting Business Partner

PERTAMINA-PTC is a subsidiary of Indonesias largest company and one of the worlds most successful enterprises. PERTAMINA-PTC's support of Change Climate's business is a wonderful vote of confidence in our business and greatly appreciated.



Research Partner

The Centre of Technology for Material Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) is indonesia's major research facility and employs over 3,200 highly capable researchers. BPPT and COOE entered into a high level MoU in November 2016 with three key projects initially identified to mutually work on together. This relationship has been extended to Change Climate, BPPT have extensive Bio-Diesel experience and are the core research resource for our Bio-Refinery development. BPPT also handle our QAQC of the Change Climate product range.


Regional Environmental Agency of Bangka Belitung Province

Commercial Bio-Diesel Partner

As part of Sumatra in Indonesia the Bangka Belitung Island Province is the worlds largest producer of Bio-Diesel from Palm-Oil. Change Climate has partnered with the Agency as the significant volumes of waste by-product make the Change Climate Bio-Refinery model a feasible large scale realisation. Change Climate also selected the Agency as they are a founding member of the Sustainable Palm-Oil Roundtable and Certified by the WWF.


USA Distribution Partner


Innovative Brands Group is a successful distributor of unique, quality products through long term accounts with major “big box” retailers and specialized trade accounts throughout North America. 
Innovative Brands Group recently showcased Bio-Epoxy at the ACE Hardware Fall show in Chicago, Illinois. Discussions with other hardware and trade outlets has likewise been very positive.Together we see the launch of Bio-Epoxy as a game-changing product. 


COOE Pty Ltd

Founding Body & Research Partner


COOE Pty Ltd is a South Australian based environmental consulting company with over 25 years operational experience. COOE is owned and opperated by Mr Joe Mifsud and Mr Sean Steed and has recently appointed a new General Manager, Mrs. Kate Grundy.


COOE's R&D work was responsible for the development of our Bio-Epoxy Resin. The decision was made to spin the commercialisation of our new products into a new entity which lead to the creation of Change Climate. COOE remains engaged with Change Climate as the research arm of the company.

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