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Distributed in Australia in 1, 3 & 10L kits



Distributed in Indonesia in 5kg & 40kg kits; available through SE Asia.


For sales >20L, commercial quantities or distribution enquiries contact us directly (available worldwide)







Q: I live outside of Australia, can I buy Change Climate Bio-Epoxy?

A: Yes we can ship our innovative Bio-Epoxy (Part A only) anywhere in the world. Change Climate uses a hardener (Part B) that is readily available globally from chemical supply companies. Contact us direct and we will be glad to help you make arrangments so you can begin working with Bio-Epoxy anywhere in the world. 


Q: Can I distribute Change Climate Bio-Epoxy in my country?

A: We are keen to open dialogue with experienced distributors so we can open international markets access to Bio-Epoxy. Please contact us directly to discuss opportunities. 

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