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Change Climate Pty Ltd (CC) is a ground-breaking commercial organisation created from unique research projects initially undertaken by our consulting firm, COOE Pty Ltd (Australia). 

Change Climate has commenced a roll out of revoloutionary new products that will significantly disrupt traditional industries and major polluters. CC will reinvest sales revenues to accelerate the development of a raft of additional new products we hold. We strive for change and are driven to reduce the environmental impact current tired industries have on our planet. 

Circular Economy Diagram.jpg

Why Change Climate?

Change Climate has successfully patented and commercialised a low-VOC, BPA free Bio-Epoxy Resin from waste by-products produced during refining processes in most heavy industries across the globe. This includes sustainable palm oil, for which CC will only partner with organisations signed to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil's (RSPO) certification system. Our Bio-Epoxy is now ready for sale and early market feedback has been exceptional. In addition to our formulation CC has ongoing research with BPPT to develop a Bio-Refinery. As Indonesia’s top research body, BPPT has built and operate a Bio-Diesel plant on their 650ha research facility in the heart of Jakarta. BPPT Bio-Technology researchers have successfully engineered Bio-composite materials to rival carbon fibre and timber for use in the automotive and construction industry from suspending waste organic fibre by-products from the production of Bio-Diesel in Bio-Epoxy; an alternative timber & alternative composite board superior to MDF. 

What we can achieve

With our combined IP and expertise CC has the capability to generate three revolutionary bio products within the one triple refinery process. Our products and process meet today’s worlds expectations for green credentials, minimal environmental footprint and zero waste.

What it means

CC can produce market leading Bio-Epoxy’s and Bio-Composite materials to sell into existing industries. The specialised nature of these products sit at a high price-point, sales revenue can be used to subsidise the production of commercially viable Bio-Diesel; which until now has widely been considered a non-feasible alternative to petroleum fuels.

Rocking the boat - A Circular Economy

CC’s three primary products (which can grow into a broader product range) can immediately impact the petroleum and BPA riddled coatings and sealants industry and the logging industry. The CC Bio-refinery model is self-sustaining, we are working on small modular designs to feasibly enable small provinces and industries to access our technology. It is easily replicated within different climates and in areas of varied feed stock & professional skills across the globe.

The big bit

CC aims to make a marked impact on climate change and tackle major issues such as global warming, fossil fuels and deforestation head-on. We seek the significant backing of brave, innovative and passionate individuals, organisations & Governments to enable Change Climate Pty Ltd to change our climate, our future, and the world.…  for the better. 

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